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Mit einem Einspielergebnis von 1,5 Millionen US-Dollar landet der Streifen auf dem 65. Platz der Jahreshitliste von Variety.


Ein junger leichtfertiger Navajo-Indianer vesucht sich als Viehzüchter und Charmeur, wobei er sich den Unwillen einer resoluten Mutter zuzieht. Der 26. Elvis Presley Film, der mit dem Star als singendem Indianer selbst hartgesottene Fans strapaziert.


Darsteller: Elvis Presley (Joe Lightcloud), Burgess Meredith (Charlie Lightcloud), Joan Blondell (Glenda Gallahan), Katy Jurado (Annie Lightcloud), Thomas Comez (Grandpa), Henry Jones (Hy Slager), L.Q.Jones (Bronc Hoverty), Quentin Dean (Mamie Callaham), Anne Seymour (Mrs Hawkins), Douglas Henderson (Kongressmann Morissey ), Angus Duncan (Lorne Hawkins), Michael Lane (Frank Hawk), Susan Trustman (Mary Lightcloud), Warren Vanders (Hike Bowers), Buck Kartalian (Bull Shortgun), Mourishka (Connie Shortgun), Caitlin Wyles (Marlene Standing Rattle), Marya Christen (Billie-Joe Hump), Del "Sonny" West (Jackson He-Crow), Jennifer Peak (Little Deer), Brett Parker (Deputy Sheriff Matson), Michael Keller (Orville Witt)



Regie: Peter Tewksbury

Produzent: Douglas Lawrence

Drehbuch: Michael A. Hoey

Vorlage: Dan Cushman

Musik: Jack Marshall

Kamera: Fred Koenecamp


Schnitt: George W. Brooks






Stay Away, Joe; Dominique


Länge: 102Minuten


Datum: 14. März 1968



The shooting lasted from 09.10.1967 to 22.11.1967.
Stay Away, Joe came to the American cinemas in March 1968 and appeared before Speedway.

On 09.10.1967 the filming was shot in Sedona and Cottonwood in Arizona. The studio recordings were filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California.

With Stay Away, Joe finally shied away from the standard scheme of the usual Elvis films. They shot a fresh and cheeky western comedy with well-known actors like Burgess Meredith, Katy Jurado and Joan Blondell. During the filming, Elvis was able to see that it was fun to stand in front of the camera again.

Joan Blondell, who played the role of Glenda Callahan, played in Grease 10 years later with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

The film reached # 65 in the "Variety List" of the most successful movies in 1968.
A review in Variety reported "generally flat comedy" with "many forced slapstick situations," and echoed Thomas's review by stating that the story was "out of touch with latterday appreciation of some basic dignity in all human beings ... At best, film is a dim artistic accomplishment; at worst, it caters to outdated prejudice. Custer himself might be embarrassed — for the Indians.

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